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Obsessive - B113 Teddy S/M/L

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    This box contains a great dose of sexy temptation! Wanna know more details? Beautiful flowers, seductive net and a very spicy design. Aww you must try it tonight! Time to get naughty..._x000D_ _x000D_ Only some of perfect B113 details:_x000D_ - tempting, black teddy with subtle, floral motif_x000D_ - halter-neck – coquettishly uncovered back_x000D_ - lacing imitation on the front – spicy design!_x000D_ - open crotch – nasty invitation to play_x000D_ - incredibly durable and sharp pattern – 3SKnit_x000D_ - elastic and comfortable knitwear – Multistretch


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    Obsessive - B113 Teddy S/M/L

    Obsessive - B113 Teddy S/M/L

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